S-Type Neck Pillow

Material: PU material, imported from Germany, smooth surface, good elasticity, and toughness. The outside is soft and the inside is firm, with elastic support like a yoga ball. Environmental protection and formaldehyde free. This product is washable, easy to clean, has an elastic textured surface, is waterproof, and oil resistant.

Efficiency: Ergonomics, cervical traction pillow. Ten minutes of neck traction and stretching every day can maintain good cervical curvature. It can gradually improve cervical spine problems caused by long-term mobile phone playing and improper sitting during work and study. For your different degrees of cervical spine problems, we have two ways to use it, one is a normal height S shape and the other is a stronger Z shape.

Design concept: increase the adjacent area of ​​the occipital region and completely relieve the pressure on the neck, so that the already injured cervical vertebrae are no longer individually stressed and aggravated. Release pressure on muscles, ligaments, and nerve plexus. S-shaped physical elastic traction scientifically relieves pressure. The horizontal and vertical hyperboloids correspond to the curvature of the human neck.

Brand Introduction: CHECA GOODS is a powerful and innovative brand with an 8-year industrial product design team, 10 years of an industrial product manufacturer, and has obtained a number of national patents. Manage the industrial pursuit of quality, ergonomics, technological design, and aesthetics. This product is also one of our many patented products.

Another surprise: When you buy this kind of product, we will also give you a beautiful gift that includes eye masks and ear plugs, which will make you more comfortable and convenient when you travel.

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